Wealth Management

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    “Thanks so much for sending the book and DVD. I’d actually forgotten I’d asked for it. I live 2 hours away from Perth and can’t make it to the seminars but would like to invest in the homestudy course. This info rocks! I can’t thank you enough.

    Roz Rutherford

    “I watched the free DVD that this site handed out. I found it very helpful and made $15,000 on a property in only 2 months.
    This is a truly inspirational DVD and I recommended it to all.” Thanks.


    “Since doing the December 3 Day I have managed to create enough Cashflow from our investments to take my family on a long overdue 5 week trip to visit my son in Switzerland.
    We will travel around Europe through our investments. It’s great to have this new mindset that allows us to do that.


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    Wealth Management

    Some of the Wealth Management strategies covered in the 21st Century Homestudy Program include:

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    Fast track finance strategies
    How almost anyone can get finance for investment properties and shares even if they have been bankrupt before
    How smart investors get 10% finance to borrow for shares that they can rent out. Plus receive a tax deduction on the interest
    How smart investors get financial contacts who will dramatically increase their chances of getting more finance and at least some to start investing…
    How to importantly protest your assets
    How to minimise tax immediately and legally of course
    How to get what Jamie calls ’super doper good debt’, that is, money you borrow to invest in assets that go up in value, you don’t necessarily have to pay off, plus put money into your pocket while you sleep
    How smart investors get 100% finance for shares, keep all profits and have them bought back off them at the purchase price if they should fall in value so you can’t lose and have their tax money pay for them.
    How smart investors get margin loans to buy shares they can rent out, as the majority of the banks’ margin loans won’t allow this.(This means they can double or triple their rental income returns.)

    Fast track Super Strategies
    How smart investors utilise their super to become a cashflow generating machine rather than just sitting there being used by others to profit from immensely such as our governments and banks, while they get pathetic returns
    How you could get access to super, even if you think you can’t
    How to find your missing super

    The 4 most important areas you must master to survive—and excel in the 21st century and why without these all the education in the world will be a waste of time.

    Income generation ideas
    How smart investors add massive value to other people’s lives and have them gladly pay for it
    How to pick deals that others just never see… they’re out there all the time
    How our clients charge what they’re worth and feel good about it
    The biggest killers for all investors, how you can avoid them and profit like crazy
    How smart investors never have to worry about money ever again by achieving financial protection and how others have achieved this within 12 to 24 months
    Hoe many clients generate $4,000 or more per month from the internet strategies taught, even without a computer
    How to have your teenagers totally focused and committed to their futures. Even students who don’t enjoy learning at school
    Why job security is an illusion that keeps 96% of the population in the rat race missing out on the exciting game of life
    Strategies smart investors use to double their income in 90 to 180 days…. Be warned some grads have quadrupled their income. The record is twelve-fold increase in 12 months

    How smart investors get 25%, 50%, even 100% returns day in day out with only low to medium risk

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