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    “Thanks so much for sending the book and DVD. I’d actually forgotten I’d asked for it. I live 2 hours away from Perth and can’t make it to the seminars but would like to invest in the homestudy course. This info rocks! I can’t thank you enough.

    Roz Rutherford

    “I watched the free DVD that this site handed out. I found it very helpful and made $15,000 on a property in only 2 months.
    This is a truly inspirational DVD and I recommended it to all.” Thanks.


    “Since doing the December 3 Day I have managed to create enough Cashflow from our investments to take my family on a long overdue 5 week trip to visit my son in Switzerland.
    We will travel around Europe through our investments. It’s great to have this new mindset that allows us to do that.


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    • How smart investors treat shares as a business and rent them out, yes rent them out, to generate instant cashflow… you’ll love this…
    • How smart investors “sell insurance” on the share market and get paid instant cash upfront without outlaying virtually a single cent (NB some graduates are making thousands of dollarzs with this strategy alone, many within days of finishing the program….)
    • How to have an accredited stockbroker who will rent out your shares for you, putting your share business on auto-pilot…
    • How smart investors selet the top five shares to buy to receive maximum rentals every month plus capital growth, taught by our licensed share brokers…
    • A strategy others have used to get money for investing within 90-180 days and generate instant cashflow even when theu didn’t have a single cent saved….
    • How to take advantage of high risk investments safely, not that you’ll need to as most strategies taught are low to medium risk with surprisingly high returns….
    • How to turn your house into an asset actively creating cashflow without having to charge your kids rent or risk losing your house….
    • How smart investors select shares without having to sit in front of a computer or study technical analysis…
    • How smart investors buy insurance to protest their shares so that they can sleep at night…
    • How smart investors profit from shares even when they are falling. It’s actually more profitable when the market is going down if you learn how to make money on the way down versus the way up…
    • How smart investors are paid upfront just for saying they are going to buy shares and many times never have buy shares. How they can do this with less risk than what you are currently taking right now…
    • How smart investors make money from shares even before they own them.
    • How smart investors get money loaned to them for shares when all they need to get approval is their name and address. No CRA proof of income. Most people can qualify as long as you are 18 or older…

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